Boringdon Park Golf Club


Boringdon Park Golf Club is an elegant and modern venue in Plymouth with stunning panoramic views across Plymouth Sound and Dartmoor. 

Mini Golf set-up / location 

The Triumph Suite or the Green Room and Outside garden area which are all perfect locations for the Wedding Mini Golf set-up.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain we can set the mini golf up indoors in either the Triumph Suite or Green Room. We also offer a Wet Weather Guarantee which includes two large white / grey gazebos measuring at 8m x 4m each.

These can be set up in the Green Room Garden area so the rain will not impact the Mini Golf experience for your guests. Failing this we can also supply some umbrellas for the very committed wedding guests who won’t let a little rain spoil their enjoyment.

Winter Weddings at Boringdon Park Golf Club

We are very fortunate that there are several options for an indoor set up at Boringdon Park Golf Club, meaning that Wedding mini golf can be booked at the venue all year around. 

When couples book the Triumph suite we can be flexible with the location of the mini golf. We can still use the Garden area outside the Green Room throughout the year, unfortunately we do not control the Great British weather so would highly recommend adding the Wet Weather Guarantee to your booking. 

Is there any additional mileage cost for this venue?

There are no additional costs for a set up at Boringdon Park Golf Club. This venue is safely within range of our base in Plymouth.