The Barn at Pengelly


The Barn at Pengelly

Located in the heart of Cornwall, The Barn at Pengelly is a newly-built wedding venue that opened in June 2022, sitting snugly within a fifth-generation working farm, amidst wild flower and corn fields.

A family run business that has passionately been designed as a one-of-a-kind venue to offer stunning views of rolling hills and serene lakes.

Mini Golf Set Up / Location

Our Mini golf course can be set up on the patio area overlooking the lake.

What happens if it rains?

There is no indoor space at The Barn at Pengelly so in the event of rain we can offer a Wet Weather Guarantee which includes two large white / grey gazebos measuring at 8m x 4m each.

Failing this, we can also supply some umbrellas for the very committed wedding guests who won’t let a little rain spoil their enjoyment.

Winter Weddings at The Barn at Pengelly

Yes, however due to the lack of indoor space your hire will be open to the elements and unfortunately we do not control the Great British Weather.

Is there any additional mileage cost for this venue?

There is an additional mileage charge of £44 for a set-up at The Barn at Pengelley.